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Getting started

What is Tripster?

Tripster is a mobile app that gives you a local's perspective in your favourite resorts.

  • Recommendations on the best places to go and stuff to do
  • Access to exclusive perks and discounts
  • What's on updates
  • Resort tips
  • Interactive maps

What phone can I access Tripster from?

It's available right now from the Apple App Store from 31st October 2012(just search for Tripster). We're aiming to release it on Android for December 2012.

Is Tripster free?


Doesn't it cost a lot to use abroad?

Actually no! Once you've downloaded a resort, you can use it offline :) Offline, you can:

  • View recommended venues
  • View and redeem perks and savings
  • View resort tips

For the moment, you can't (yet):

  • View interactive maps
  • See what's on

Otherwise it now costs maximum £0.69 per Megabyte for EU users to use mobile data in the EU – not as much as before!

What is a 'Tripster'?

Think 'Tourist' at one end of the scale, and a 'Local' at the other. We define a Tripster as someone on holiday who has the same insights and deals as a Local!

Using Tripster

How much do I save with Tripster?

In a week, we reckon you'll save on average over €100. If you don't hire any equipment or take part in lessons or activities, you're still likely to save a good €50.

Why do I have to sign up?

Our suppliers are hand-picked and their offers are negotiated exclusively for our members. They're not available to Jo Public and you won't find them by searching Google!

Which resorts do you cover?

Right now we coverTignes, Val d'Isere, Chamonix, Meribel, Courchevel and Les Arcs. Many more coming soon!

Tripster vouchers

How do I validate my perk / discount?

Just show the your phone at the venue with the electronic voucher showing on the screen (tap 'Get Perk' on the app).

What if the supplier doesn't honour my voucher?

This is very rare. Click on 'Details' on the voucher to see the name of the boss, and mention their name at the counter. In the even more unlikely case this still doesn't work, please email us asap. Please note ultimately we cannot be held liable for suppliers not honouring vouchers.

How many people can use a voucher?

A voucher is valid for one person only.


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